As for me, brave people are those who offer their lives to protect this country!
For this reason, my favorite actor is Gary Sinise, who is famous for supporting the soldiers. Maybe you will know him by the name Lt. Dan from Forrest Gump or as the starring of: New York.
Apart from acting onstage, he is also devoted in helping the troops for years now. He was in fact the winner of the Presidential Citizen Medal, just because he was backing up benevolent efforts in Iraq.
Just to look backwards and preserve the history of the gone generation, he made up his mind to fly 45 WWII veterans all the way to New Orleans for a very exceptional occasion.
Since none of these 45 veterans had been to the National WWII Museum, he saw it wise to take them there so that they can be familiar with their history. His mission is to see that they too have the know-how, because their comrades never had the opportunity to see their endeavors conserved. Just wait to see their reactions!
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