Amanda Scarpinati is a beautiful young woman from New York who loves life and has many good friends. Yet no one knows what happened to her 38 years ago when she was still a baby- Thanks to plastic surgery, no one can see it. Yet her childhood was pure torture and the young woman only survived thanks to a shimmer of hope in the form of a photo.
Facebook/Amanda Scarpinati
It's 1977 and Amanda is just 3 months old when her head and heads begin to burn terribly. She is ill and so her parents lay her on the sofa and put a humidifier next to her. With boiling water. When the parents leave the room for a second, the baby rolls off the sofa and lands in the scolding water! The baby is brought to the Albany Medical Center with terrible burns.
There the girls meet a person who will forever remain in their hearts. The nurse Susan Berger does more than just her job. She cares for the child with such dedication and care. She rocks Amanda in her arms when she cries and cuddles her to distract her from the pain.
That is where these pictures come from. Carl Howard took them after her operation in the hospital. Amanda is wearing a thick bandage around her head and is clearly calmed by the caring arms of the wonderful nurse. These pictures become one of Amanda's biggest treasures in the future!
For the little girl has new hurdles after the wounds heal. Amanda is bullied and tortured due to her terrible scars. The child comes home crying every day. Yet she looks at these pictures and is always consoled by the image of the anonymous nurse. "I looked at the pictures and talked to her, even though I had no idea who she was. It comforted me to look at this woman who had cared for me so much," says Amanda.

At the age of 18, the scars are practically gone after several operations. Yet Amanda yearns to know who the woman in the pictures was. So she starts a search: in vain. 20 years pass until she comes up with a great idea: to use social media to bring about a miracle. Amanda writes a touching post on Facebook and within 12 hours 5,000 people see it.
And then it happens. A former colleague recognizes Susan and the 2 women meet each other 38 years later, at the same hospital. When Susan enters the room, Amanda begins to cry immediately and embraces her secret rescuer. She continues to say: "You are real!" Before this moment, she could only have here there in the form of a picture. 
Susan also remembers her little patient. "She was so brave. I remember holding her for a long time," she tells. "I remember how calm and trusting she was. And that was so special for such a small baby after an operation."
Susan is moved by Amanda's decade-long gratitude. "I am so touched!" she says with tears in her eyes. She also kept the photos the entire time, "as a reminder that you can make a difference. You have to remember that every day so that you give it your all."
When Amanda was asked by reports whether the meeting was the beginning of a lifelong friendship she answered: "It was already a lifelong friendship. She just didn't know!" If you were also touched by this wonderful story and this amazing photo then share it with everyone that you know!


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