There was a performance at the at the Paris train station, of which no one expected it to happen. There was one guy who started singing at the station, then all of a sudden, another guy teamed up to become a duet. The train firm never knew that that would happen when it placed the piano at the station for the travelers to have some good time, while waiting for their train to arrive or leave. In a short time, travelers from all over the globe were there demonstrating their piano skills.
Actually when this man was behind the piano with his fingers pressing the keys, he never had no intention of attracting any crowd, as he was soothing himself with nice music. But out of nowhere he was joined with a stranger who made the music become sweeter by adding some notes to his music. And when the notes combines perfectly, the two could not resist playing together. It’s so amazing how a mere piano was able to make the whole bunch of travelers happy!
The interesting thing is that they never knew each other, and above all they never had time to do a rehearsal, but they did it in the most professional way. When they finished playing, they greeted each other and each of them went his own way. What a memorable moment!
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