Christmas time is around the corner and everyone is doing preparations on how to best spend it with his/her family. Among the things that one will never miss is to look for nice music that can help you get in the moods of this great day when Christ was born. While many people prefer other types of songs which are danceable, I tend to opt for the nice soft classic music which automatically switches my spirit into a Christmas mood.
In the clip below, we have the pleasure of witnessing the Pentatonix group performing their wonderful song entitled “Mary Did You Know.” The group is actually singing in a cappella style, which will definitely amaze everyone even though he/she never likes the type of song being sung. The surprising thing about this group is that the song they are singing was originally composed in 1984 by a song writer called Mark Lowry, and they are just doing their version, which is nothing but a perfect one.
Watch the clip below to see how this group is performing in a wonderful style, in that their voices match very well in harmony. To my opinion, this will be the hit song come Christmas time. What do you think? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below.
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