If you’re anything of a music person, then you can’t say you don’t know Trisha Yearwood and Kelly Clarkson. They’re the stars of our time, and now you’re about to get blownaway by the incredible ‘results’ of one of their joint ‘operations.” Get ready for some real Goosebumps!
So Trisha and Kelly are doing the famous Christmasclassic, “Silent Night,” and the nice tune from 1818 seems tostill hold a place in people’s hearts. The two good people are in the middle of things when something really cool happens, and it’s so unexpected that you’ll have to clap about it!
When Trisha and Kelly started this, they didn’t even give a hint that another loved Country Superstar was about to spice up the whole thing. You should love how those voices harmonize to produce one lovely tune that makes you love Christmas. I love it!
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