Error is to man they say, but I beg to differ because even animals do make mistakes that sometimes are too silly. In the clip below, which is a combination of various video sections of how man’s best friend; the dog, behaves after he has done something stupid and he feels guilty.
Even though we regard dogs to be responsible creatures that are even capable of protecting us, there comes a time when they get themselves doing silly things, like stealing some treats in the kitchen, destroying the pillow or a shoe of their owners. And when they are cornered, they just put this guilty face that makes us laugh instead of getting furious at them.
The clip below is full of different dogs caught after doing a mischievous activity. When questioned why they did such a thing, they just get sorry for their mischief. Of all the dogs that made my day in the clip is this one that did something and when the owner asks what is it that he did, the dog just shakes his head like a human being just like saying “no I never did anything.”
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