Tension rods are so cool.
They require little know-how for throwing up and hanging curtains. No holes, no screws, no hassle. It’d be cool if other things were as easy as hanging drapes with tension rods. Well, it turns out they are! There are a ton of different alternative uses for tension rods that not many people do not know about. Check out these cool tension rod uses!

Get your kids in theater at a young age! Here’s how – simply hook up a tension rod in between two structures and you have an instant stage curtain for them to come out and perform!

2. Create crafty cabinet and cupboard organization.

Who would have thought the ideal way to keep a kitchen organized would be a tension rod and shower curtain hook set up? Very easy and very effective.
Purpose-built shoe racks are great, but they can be expensive or not the right size for your shoe closet. Use a couple tension rods instead for a cheap, customized solution.

4. Keep kids happy with a cozy tension rod retreat.

Traditional shoe racks can be expensive! But this diy shoe rack is not only cheap but probably will work even better for keeping all different kinds of shoes organized and easily accessible.

5. Kiss cleaning supply clutter goodbye.

A simple tension rod makes for the perfect place to hang the myriad bottles needed for housekeeping.

6. Make craft paper accessible and out-of-the-way at the same time.

This is a great idea for keeping craft paper out of the way, not causing a mess, while easily accessible at the same time.
Ribbon storage also works well with tension rods.

7. Put everything in place in the pantry.

Look at this major league pantry organization! Everything in place, and everything fits perfectly!

8. Mark the out-of-bounds areas.

You can use rods as gates to prevent pets, infants or even house guests from getting into areas you want to be off limits. When you want access to the area, you simply take them down. You won’t have to deal with those annoying folding gates again!


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