Millions of Americans have been affected by the Alzheimer’s disease in one way or the other. Though, there are cases where some have successfully managed to overcome the effects of this terrible disease. Even if such occurrences have been very few, the results have been both bittersweet and heartwarming.
The power behind music and its capacity of reawakening human souls is what the joyous cinematic exploration that Alive Inside offers is after. Michael Rossato –Bennett who is a filmmaker is sharing the experiences in which music had revitalized people.  He shows that music has a powerful connection with the human soul that is capable of triumphing were the prescribed medicines have failed.
This touching documentary features Dan Cohen who is a social worker and Music & Memory’s (a non-profit organization) founder. Here, he is illustrating music’s ability of restoring self belief and combating memory loss. Rossato-Bennett pays a visit to those who have witnessed thus power of music and interviews experts such as Oliver Sacks (best selling author and renowned neurologist).
This emotional and inspirational story done by Alive Inside is music’s uplifting cinematic exploration. No wonder the audience was left clapping, humming and cheering when it worn an Audience during the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.
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