During the WWII Holocaust,the lives of many Jews were lost and as a result the Holocaust Remembrance Day was set aside to commemorate the happening.During the Nazi Germany’s fighting, around 6 million Jews lost their lives and during the annual commemorations, the sounds of an air raid siren are heard all over Israel as a way of honoring those who died. As per the Hebrew Calendar, it’s the 27th day of Nisan.
Whenever the sounds of the siren are heard, everyone has to stop whatever he or she was doing and the next 60 seconds are spent reflecting on the tragic event’s significance. The video below features the observance of the event at an Israeli highway. People are seen getting out of their cars and paying respect to those who lost their lives. This is the first time I’m seeing this and it really reflects the significance this day has for these people. I believe they are not ready to forget the past as that will provide a loophole for history repeating itself and that should not be accepted.
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