Whoever that says singing is not a talent, he/she must be a liar.  First, it is not an easy job to stand in front of thousands of people and sing without having butterflies in your stomach.
In the clip below, that was taken at the America’s Got Talent, we see this little girl of 4 years of age by the name of Kaitlyn doing what most mature adults will never even have the guts to do. When it was her turn to perform onstage, this little girl went majestically onstage without fearing the big crowd before her. She answered the judge’s questions and started to sing without shaking.
It is true that she really loves to sing as she says for you can see her brightened up face while performing. Her courage made her earn a chance to step in the White House and sing before President George W. Bush, apart from this achievement, she made it by singing before Michelle Obama, and before a baseball game in Washington, when she sang the national anthem.
She has really become the youngest singer in the USA who is famous. Watch her performance below and please SHARE it with all your friends on Facebook!


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