Picking up around the house is a total drag.
Especially when you have kids or pets who leave their toys all over the place. You go in one room, have to bend over and pick up toys here and there, then the other room where you do the same, until you’ve finally gone through all the rooms of your house and no doubt probably missed a few things and have to go through it again. But check this out. Imagine if you could just relax on your couch, yell out a command to your dog, and then have the dog pick up all the toys, all over the house! You don’t even move a muscle as you simply relax on your couch and kick it. Well, if you are the lucky owner of this dog, then your cleaning days are as easy as just mentioned! Check out this amazing dog and how he actually has a blast cleaning up after himself!

h/t https://www.facebook.com/damncom/


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