People don’t realize it, but that whole Cabbage Patch frenzy back in the day was insane!
They were the absolute must-have doll and stores across the country were actually selling out. When you were lucky enough to grab the last one from the shelves you would sometimes have to defend yourself against mob-like parents who were ready to actually fight you in order to get their kid a Cabbage Patch!
Well, in the spirit of the old Cabbage Patch dolls, comes this very clever child’s hat which will totally transform your kid into a real-life doll!
Here are the instructions on how to make a Cabbage Patch hat:
1. Start with a basic beanie as your base for the project. Use the hair color of your choice.
2. Make the bangs. These are created by using a loop stitch for three rows on the bottom of the beanie. Here’s a quick one-minute video lesson on the loop stitch:


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3. Braided Pigtails. For each braid, cut 19 pieces of yarn approximately 16 inches in length.
4. Fold the pieces of yarn in half and knot in the center, then divide the yarn into threes and begin the braiding process. Use a small piece of yarn to tie off the bottom of the braid. Repeat for each braid.
Here’s a video for making pigtails:

5. Finally, you attach the braids to the beanie by stitching them to the hat. Make sure it is even and you can test it out using safety pins first. Now once you are done you can add a ribbon bow on top of each pigtail.
Pretty cute, right? This is a great project for your own child, or as a gift for a friend or family member’s child!


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