I like the olden days and what used to happen then. For instance, what is being said in the following clip is nothing but the truth and the truth alone.
In the clip, that is just a portion of an episode of Dragnet by the title of “The Big Departure”, that used to be aired back in the days, and if I am not wrong, I viewed it on the 7th of March of 1968. The episode is about some adolescent boys in the United States who had this idea of stealing from the nearby stores where they lived and take the money far off to the Californian coast where they wanted to start their life in an abandoned island, by building a nation for them. So, while on the act of stealing, they are caught, and Jack Webb intervenes to help them reason out.
Watch the clip below and let us know if you still think that what Jack Webb said back in the days still reflects in our society today, by dropping your comment in the section below. Please SHARE this clip to all your friends on Facebook!


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