Oh my goodness, if you think having twins is a blessing, you’re going to want to watch this hilarious video. With nearly 3 million views, these twin baby girls are taking the internet by storm. The reason, an age-old sibling rivalry that traces back to the turn of the century: who gets the pacifier? Mom starts recording her baby girls and when she saw them fighting over the pacifier, she couldn’t help but keep filming. I am sure after she captured the hilarious moment, she let her little girls know there is in fact more than one pacifier in the house!
The video comes as no shock at all, considering twins are known for their friendly fighting that begins in the womb! The sister in the green pants has the pacifier first. When her twin sees it, she quickly swipes it from her mouth. “My turn,” you can almost hear her say. The sentiment is palpable, as her sister grabs it back. The two go back and forth and pass the sucker along about four times in the video. The feud is emblematic of how so many siblings treat each other: a little roughly but always with a whole lot of love.
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