Just how many trick have you taught your animal? Are they cool? Can your dog make people need stitches by just pulling of a funny clip that you taught them?
Before you answer that, I’ll just start bubbling about this video that has everyone talking about dog tricks and their fun. Here’s one lady who seems to have perfected the art of teaching her dog how to leave people with broken ribs.
In the video, you watch as the woman asks her dog to bark, and she goes on to ask her faithful canine to bark more softly. Each time she forwards her “petition,” the canine barker takes it into consideration and delivers accordingly. In the end, all that is left is just a whisper. You’ve to see the lady’s friends. They can’t shut up!
Watching the clip, I couldn’t help joining these friends as they cracked up really hard at the dog’s funny trick.  I need to teach my canine friend this. It might as well crack a few people’s ribs too!
Watch and laugh yourself limb, then hold onto that seat SHARE this clip with your friends and family. Lovely!
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