To my opinion, the military men and woman deserve all the honor from each and every citizen in the country. They have given all their lives to see that we enjoy the freedom and liberty. Apart from that they ensure that the country is protected from intruders who are evil minded.
In the clip below, you will certainly enjoy to see what the US Navy Drill team does. When the Norwegian international tattoo, Oslo was conducted in Norway, the US Navy Drill team was invited to attend. These our wonderful military men raised our country’s name to the highest level when they performed their perfect drill routine.
At first it seemed to be a simple performance when they were marching, but as time went by, they introduced complicated moves with their rifles. I thought that one of them would make a mistake, but I was wrong. What a performance to remember!
Watch the spectacular performance in the video below and pay attention at the 2:00 mark when they throw the rifles in the air. Please SHARE this loyal video to all your friends on Facebook if you love the USA!


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