Whenever I throw away old furniture or see it lying on the road, I often wonder if certain parts could still be put to good use - old drawers, for example. After all, those beloved dressers and wardrobes cost a pretty penny at one time. Here are a few ways to repurpose old drawers and give them a new lease on life.
Hang a drawer upright on the wall, cover the bottom with extra wallpaper or gift wrap and voilà - your new bulletin board is complete. You can either glue a cork board under the paper or paint the base with magnetic paint.
Or you could hang a drawer directly on the wall without any fancy extras. It makes for a beautiful shelf on its own.
Paint several same size drawers different colors and create a fantastic shelving collage.
This drawer was made into a mirror. You can custom order a piece of mirror glass to fit whatever size you need.
It's easy to customize the inside of old drawers with extra wood or wire: One for nail polish, for example. 
Drawers made of wire mesh are perfect for attaching hooks.
The highlight of this jewelry case is definitely the hooks made of old wooden spools. You don't have to spend years collecting them, however, they are available online.
A class combination: jewelry hanger and shelf!
Drawers posing as a lamp can save you some table space. 
If you screw two drawers together and attach legs, it makes a great storage space for a hallway or living room.
You don't have to leave the drawer open of course. A bit of privacy is sometimes desirable.
Outfit it with wheels and a glass top and out comes a lovely, movable display case.
A suitable place to take a seat is very important. This one takes a bit more craftiness. You'll need a thick piece of foam cut to the right size and upholstery to cover it.
Snacks on snacks on snacks. A great idea for buffets!
Don't forget Fido and friends - drop an old pillow into the drawer and you have a cozy new place for your furry friend to cuddle!
There are always ways to spruce things up even further. Some dogs do appreciate style after all.
In case you were wondering what you should do with the old drawer-less cupboard, here's your answer:
A mixture of drawers hung together can create a lovely headboard with lots of storage space. Your nighttime reading will never be too far away.

Screw on some wheels, fill them up, and under the bed they go. A good way to use every nook and cranny.
What about a little breakfast in bed?
You can even plant a tiny garden. In this case, make sure to protect the bottom of the drawer from extra water. You could cover it with foil or plastic, for example.
A miniature garden pleases the eye and calms a stressed body.
These sweet drawers give the famous hanging gardens of Babylon a run for their money. 
A doll house after every child's heart. 
They're also great as picture frames. 
You can even use the old knobs. Attach them next to one another on a board to create a new place to hang jackets.
Or just use the whole front piece of the drawer. 
Next time you're think about getting rid of an old dresser, hopefully these photos will come to mind. It's a pity to throw away something that can be used in so many different ways. Every piece, from door to knob, has serious decoration potential to make your home look like it belongs in an interior design magazine.


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