The term “old soul” is most often associated with children who just seem to have a deeper understanding of life and the world around them than most people their age or older. The two boys in the incredible video below obviously have “old souls,” and when you see them in action, you’ll just have to agree!
Twin brothers Max and Kolbe formed the New Orleans–style big band called Pelican 212, and ever since then they’ve been taking the world by storm. Even though the boys are only 11 years old, they’ve proven to everyone thatage simply doesn’t matter when you have the talent and the heart to perform in front of big crowds.
Performing on Steve Harvey’s incredible new show Little Big Shots, these two boys, along with their incredibly talented band of fellow kids, got a standing ovation for their foot-tapping rendition of “When the Saints Go Marching In.” Steve Harvey was left in utter awe, and when you hear what the boy on the left does to his voice at the :59 mark, you’ll see that he seems to become Louis Armstrong in the flesh!
We can only hope that these wonderful boys’ parents keep them down-to-earth and humble with their incredible gift. As long as they keep up their passions, these boys will go as far as their dreams take them.
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