Now this is some kind of Dad! Getting your child to eat his food can be a major challenge.
Kids tend to take a few bites then get distracted as they want to go play. It can be near impossible to get them to eat all their food, especially when it comes to green vegetables! But when you have a father like this, you’re in for a show that’s for sure to have you eating up all of them veggies! He get’s his kid to clean up his plate by coming up with some catchy lyrics that make veggie consuming totally fun. And he’s actually really good at it as his songs are very catchy and kid friendly.
A great example is his green bean rendition where he somehow takes the catchy song “Lean On Me” and changes it to “Green on Beans” while creatively spinning the lyrics so they relate to green bean eating! Crazy, but the song works and the kid is actually eating up every morsel!


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