Nicole Sedgebeer was enjoying a night out in London with her friends, drinking and having a great time. It got late, and she lost track of time, missing her train to get home.
(Facebook/Nicole Sedgebeer)
When she got to the train station to wait for the morning train, the doors were locked. Scared and with nowhere to go until morning, she was about to break down and cry when a homeless man approached her. Before she could react, he offered to walk her to a cafe where she could wait safely for the station to be unlocked. 
(Facebook/Nicole Sedgebeer)
After a coffee and a chat, Nicole's new friend Mark told her that he had to get back to his sleeping bag, but he'd be back at 5am to walk her to the station. When 5 came and went, Nicole figured he was a no-show, and started to leave. When she rounded the corner, there was Mark, running towards her. Not only did he return as promised, but he had to take a bus to get there.
Nicole says in her post that she like would have just walked past Mark and avoided eye contact if he had asked her for change. Instead, his kind gesture changed her entire outlook on the homeless. When she asked him why he helped her, he told her it was a father's duty to get another man's daughter home safe.
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