Anyone who can manage to dance deserves a certain amount of praise. It’s hard enough to stand in front of a huge crowd for any reason, but to be talented enough — and sure enough — in what your body can do that you have the confidence to go onstage and move your feet? That takes a very special kind of person.
So when the audience came to watch a special tap dancing duoshow off just how well-trained and amazing their talent was, they were understandably confused when they heard a violin begin to interrupt the cool bellow of the saxophone.
The two hoofers seemed a bit confused at first, but soon enough, a group of three Irish stepdancers burst onstage and began to show off their own skills and talents.
What resulted was a “dance off” that anyone is lucky to get a chance to see. The two tap dancers, wearing all black, show off an incredible skill, strength, and speed. Along with their free-flowing ways, this dance is really impressive to watch. While the three amazing Irish stepdancers stay tight, controlled, and always ramrod straight. No one can decide who “won” so maybe they all did!
Eventually, the two groups start dancing with each other in their own amazing styles, and if you get the chance to watch this video, make sure to watch closely. Because these guys are honestly some of the most amazing dancers we’ve seen!
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