You've got a worn-out old belt lying around or one that doesn't quite fit anymore? Don't throw it away! You can make something fantastic out of it - this super cool shelf, for example.
Here's how to do it: 
No boards = no shelf - that much is clear. They don't need to be perfect: A dent here or a bit of bark there won't mess anything up. Just make sure to smooth down the surface with a sanding block.
Then go ahead and cover them with a wood varnish. This woman went for a darker finish and used a sponge to apply the varnish. A paintbrush would also work just fine.
Now it's time to grab those old belts. Cut off the buckle and the end with the holes in it.
Then cut the whole thing in half. 
You should now have 4 pieces that are roughly the same length. 
Grab your boards and make a mark 4 cm in from the edge of the board on both ends.
That is where you will attach the belts later. Remember to make the side that hangs on the wall a bit shorter so that the shelf hangs straight.
You can now attach the belt with two small nails (or thumbtacks).
All that's left is to do is hang it on the wall. If you just want to put a few light decorative pieces on the shelf, nails should be enough. If you plan on heavier items, it might be a good idea to drill a hole.
Voilà! Your DIY shelves are finished - and beautiful!
Here's a video explaining all the steps again:


A shelf from an old belt - there is no way I could've dreamed that up. Thank goodness for crafty people like this woman.


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