The Hungarian dance team known as “Attraction Shadow Theater” have made quite a name for themselves on Britain’s Got Talent. Even though they aren’t from Great Britain, audiences from all over the world are falling in love with their incredibly moving and beautifully perfect performances.
While “shadow theater” isn’t something you’d usually expect to see on television these days, this group of incredibly visionary people have proven themselves to be some of the most amazing entertainers you could ever hope to see.
One of the main performers of the group had recently lost his dear mother, and he thought it would be worthwhile to create a routine to dedicate to the woman he loved so much, and who pushed him to be the very best person he could be.
By the end of the stunning performance, the audience, along with all four judges, was giving them a well-deserved standing ovation. Many of the judges were in tears, and the harsh judge Simon Cowell was reported to have been crying throughout the whole thing. And when you watch what this group of performers managed to do? You’ll easily understand why!
Simon couldn’t help but let all eight of the performers know just how thankful he was to have them on the show, and how honored he was that they chose to be onBritain’s Got Talent. They might not be British, but they’re certainly talented.
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