From time to time, someone with a special skill will show up out of nowhere, and they’re so amazing and talented that it honestly seems as if higher powers are at work just to ensure that the next big step of humanity is finally taken.
While he might be young, it seems like the next big child prodigy has been discovered! Appearing on Steve Harvey’s newest hit television show Little Big Shots, the 4-year-old boy named Evan stunned the audience with his otherworldly talents.
Even though he’s only been playing for a few months, it honestly seems like he’s an old soul who has been sitting behind the piano for centuries. This tiny titan impressed Steve so much, all the host could do was hilariously apologize to his own seven children for not pushing them to have such an incredible skill at such a young age.
Not only is this little boy an absolute darling, but he’s humble even though he’s just so talented at the piano; and as long as his parents are making sure that he’s loving what he’s doing, we couldn’t be more excited for what his future holds.
It’s incredible to see just how much he’s picked up in a matter of months, and it’ll be amazing to see how much better he becomes!
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