Most people assume that when they buy a brand-new clothing item whether it be shoes, underwear, or pants, the clothing will be clean and sanitary. Think again. CBS 21 decided to conduct a little experiment using brand-new clothes and secondhand clothes. The clothes were taken to a lab and tested for bacteria. The results were pretty disturbing. Every single item had bacteria, including a brand-new package of women’s underwear. The only item that was bacteria-free was a secondhand pair of shoes.
While most expect new clothes to be clean, we often fail to consider how frequently they’ve been handled by human hands and tried on at the store. You never know how hygienic a stranger is. If you wouldn’t eat off a stranger’s plate, you probably wouldn’t want to wear their clothing either.
Experts recommend washing all new items before you wear them in the hottest cycle possible for the fabric and with bleach. You might want to try these laundry hacks while you’re at it. When it comes to shoes, simply wiping the inside with an antibacterial wipe should do the trick. While clothing is often treated with formaldehyde to prevent bacteria growth during shipping, the chemical component is truly just another reason to wash before you wear!
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