Jeffrey is a Canadian boy aged 10 years. He teamed up with a seven-year-old girl named Celine to perform a wonderful duet. After the performance, Steve Harvey invited them to his show “Little Big Shot.” Their conversation was very appealing from the beginning to the end. The spectators including Jeffrey had to laugh when Celine giggled in a funny manner. Then came the surprising announcement for the audience that the two were going to perform. The sang the Josh Grohan’s song “You Raise Me Up,” which made everyone in the room stunned including the Host of the show.
It was Jeffrey who began singing while Celine just stood beside him. When the correct time came, she joined in. what a perfect combination of voices! The only explanation to such a combination is “angelical.”
I must confess that I have seen many clips of people singing this song but not like the way these two did. What an amazing duet to watch at!
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