When we start ranking true “Southern Men,” it had to miss for Alan Jackson to miss on the list. He is a Georgian musician, songwriter and singer who always like adding some contemporary country sound and some bit of the traditional blend to most of his performances – and to be sincere, he never disappoints whenever he takes the stage!
Within this video, he is performing a surprising cover. As a veteran who has been in the music industry for more than 25 years, it’s understandable he needed to try something new. In 2013, he went ahead and released Volume II of the Precious Memories which was his studio album number 18thand as a continuation of the Precious Memories he had done in 2006.
The album’s first song has been a real hit and has been played by most people this far. As for me, the way he did the “Amazing Grace” completely touched me and whenever I listen to it, it’s like it guiding me all the way to glory!
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