Ever since Steve Harvey’s amazing television show Little Big Shots came out, millions and millions of people worldwide have gotten the amazing opportunity to see some truly talented kids show off their best skills.
These children have showed all of us that all it takes to become good at something is deep focus and dedication, and within a few years, you can truly become great at something!
So when Steve got the chance to meet four children who love to Irish step dance, he couldn’t hold back his excitement when he first saw them in action. The little boy tried to teach Steve some of the easier moves, and we just have to say that Steve tried his best, but maybe he should stick to hosting and leave Irish step dancing to the professionals!
After Steve gets everyone comfortable, he lets the little kids have a chance to show off; and when you watch them in action, you’ll begin to see just how talented they really are. These four little dancers have been working hard at perfecting their art, so it’s really amazing to watch them not only do an amazing job, but have such a great time doing it, too.
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