Don and Lorraine have been married for 25 years. Partners in life and in business, the pair ran a farm together. After having three beautiful children, in 1995, Don was diagnosed with ALS. Almost five years later, he was fitted with a ventilator, rendering him unable to speak. Lorraine did not give up on her husband — true to her vows, in sickness and in health, she took on her role as caretaker and learned to do all the tasks Don did for their business. But Don’s inability to communicate hurt Lorraine the most.
Lorraine was determined to speak with her husband. She even made him a letter board. She would hold it up and Don would gaze at each letter to spell out a phrase. The process took forever, and he could only speak one word at a time, but it was a start to something wonderful. With the help of his team, Mick Ebeling — the founder of Not Impossible Labs, a company that creates solutions for people with disabilities — invented a device that allowed Don to speak with his eyes, quickly. The program would even simulate an audible voice. After 15 years, Don finally got to tell Lorraine everything that had been on his mind, and it was beautiful.
“My dear Lorraine, I can’t imagine life without you. You have made the last 25 years fly by and the last 20 with ALS bearable. I can’t wait for the next 20 with you. Love, Don,” he said.  It is truly a love letter for the ages.
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