You know that feeling when you go canoeing, but in the middle of the river you realize that you have forgotten your paddles at home? Wait what…you don’t? Well, then it must be just us!
In this video we can see two beautiful pooches sailing in a canoe, without paddles. Joking aside, these two wonderful representatives of the canine species have probably not ended up in the canoe by themselves. Somebody probably put them there! Without being able to control the boat they were basically trapped and left to the mercy of the river.
They look around scared waiting for a miracle! And then, the Batman arrives to save them! Well, it’s not really Batman, it’s a black Labrador, but he certainly looks like the dark knight, and he is as intrepid and brave! The beautiful Lab swims upstream with great effort in order to get to the boat! It looks difficult, but heroes never give up in the face of adversity!
He finally manages to grab the boat and he drags it back to the shore! The only thing he needs is a theme tune and a costume and he is ready for a superhero career!


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