Charlotte and Gary spent a big part of their lives dancing together. They took part in a number of dance competitions across the country (the US Open Championship within Anaheim California being one of them) and even won some. Below is a video from 2010 and we see Charlotte and Gary entertain everyone at the Chicago Windy City Jitterbug Club. They were dancing to Rhonda McDaniel’s “Me and Bobby McGee.” The two are one of the best dancers you can ever watch and when you think you have seen it all, Debbie Wheelis joins then on the floor.
Parts of the swing dances that the trio perform include Bop/Jitterbug/East Coast/West Coast. There is something in common that is shared by the dance styles and that is the six-count step. A number of moves from several styles are incorporated in the routine.
You won’t resist smiling when you watch them inaction. There are those who think that Debbie and Charlotte are twins since they have identical looks and are in matching costumes.
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