If you’re a fan of great musical performances by an incredibly experienced group, then this is the video to watch. By the end of this, you should be replaying and singing along!
It’s the Celtic Thunder in the game. This is a group, or rather an Irish Stage show, that’s been stealing people’s hearts even since they started dishing out hits. In fact, this great group has been very popular, even getting featured numerous times on the Billboard Magazine between 2008 and 2011. Well, looks like these guys aren’t done yet!
In the clip posted here, Celtic Thunder is in the mood to take on one of the loveliest Christian hymns in history, and they’re going to give it their own twist and wow the whole crowd. You might even want to jump in and belt out the lyrics along with them. The hymn is actually the popular hymn, “Amazing Grace,”and these guys are now giving us a new, unique rendition of it. You can’t miss it!
You need to watch the full video and fall in love with this. Don’t forget to SHARE this with all your buddies and family on Facebook. It’s just too lovely!


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