Driving the wrong way, Kris Caudilla, 26, crashed into, and killed, a sheriff deputy.
He’s serving 15 years for DUI and manslaughter, and has to live with what he did every day of his life from here on out. Caudilla has now been reaching out to people on the outside, in an attempt to stop them from engaging in the type of behavior that led him to where he is now. We Save Lives asked a question to those who go to bars. The question was the following: “What if your decision to drink and drive was staring right back at you?” The organization teamed up with Caudilla and as you’ll see in the video taken at the correctional facility in Florida, and also shot at the very same time on the streets outside of nightclubs across the country, people are in for a big surprise.
Many believe at first that this could be a joke, as the man in the mirror is talking straight to them. But it quickly becomes clear that this is the real deal as strangers are asked the following: “Take a good look in the mirror. Should you be driving tonight?”
Maybe if Caudilla could prevent one person from causing some life changing, disaster producing event then this whole social experiment is certainly well worth it.
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