There’s nothing more heartwarming than to watch a friendship blossom between a child and another individual. This person can be anyone, from a teacher to a peer, to even a mentor or another family member. But for parents with children with nonverbal autism, these relationships aren’t easy to form. These children are often very shy, and don’t respond to strangers. But they have people who support them and love them, and when they warm up to another person, this friendship can turn into something very special; this grandfather’s special bond with his autistic grandson helped him experience an emotional awakening!
Amanda is the mom to 2-year-old Jack Jack, who is autistic and nonverbal. She says that he is shy with people he does not know, so when her family took him to Disney World, he wasn’t responsive to the goofy costumed characters who approached him.
That is, until Snow White did.
Jack Jack instantly took a liking to Snow White, and mom says that he “fell in love!” And you can see it on the adorable little boy’s face: she truly is something special to him.
Now watch the clip and see these two instantly bond!
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