This is the story of Gemma, a beautiful white German Shepherd who was abandoned by her family. This poor dog had a case of demodectic mange so severe that 70% of her body was affected — but while hermange was completely treatable by medication, her owners dropped her off at a shelter instead of taking her to the vet.
Gemma was alone, afraid, and in heaps of pain. Enter her guardian angel in the form of Jolene, a kindhearted volunteer at St. Bonnie’s Sanctuary in California where Gemma was left. Jolene began treating the dog’s skin condition, which required around-the-clock care. “She needed baths 2, 3 times a day,” Jolene says. “And we had built such a strong bond that I was like, ‘Let me ask my husband, see if I can take a foster home.’” Jolene’s husband agreed.
Within weeks, Gemma was healing and emerging from her shell. Her fur was growing back and she was gaining weight — but most of her weight was in one area in particular. So, Jolene took Gemma to the vet to get an ultrasound. She was shocked to learn that Gemma had been pregnant the entire time — before she had even left the shelter.
Watch the video below to find out what happened next. I guarantee it’ll fill your heart with joy :) Please SHARE Gemma’s unbelievable story with your friends on Facebook!


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