There’s that popular saying about books and their covers, and it seems that sometimes people tend to forget all about it. They end up almost making a fool of themselves as they judge situations at face value. That’s what actually happened in the video here. This lady really blew the people’s minds!
So we have this lady from New Mexico, and her name is Panda Ross. Now, Panda went in to perform before the audience, and that’s when history was made. You see, facing some mean judges and an expectant crowd for the first time can be a little scary for anyone, but that doesn’t mean that a determined person like Panda can’t pull through with it.
Whenshe stepped in, most people ignored her. They didn’t really take her seriously. In fact, most of them even laughed at her, but they had their lesson in store. When Panda started singing, everyone was taken aback. Is that her?!
This is absolutely awesome and you just can’t afford to miss it. Check out this clip to its last mark and tell us what you think of it. Also SHARE on Facebook. It’s so coo


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