Nora Hall was a normal, happy baby.

Facebook/Mary Hall
Her two biggest fans were not her parents but the two family Basset Hounds, Grumpy and Gracie. They were in love with her the moment she came home as a newborn. Then at five months old, Nora had a stroke that caused damage to both sides of her brain. When she was in the hospital, Grumpy and Gracie were stressed out and depressed. They knew something was terribly wrong.
Facebook/Mary Hall
When doctors told Nora's parents that she wouldn't survive much longer, they had one simple request. They asked if they could bring their dogs to the hospital to say goodbye to Nora. The hospital allowed it.
When the dogs arrived, Nora's bed was lowered so they could lay with her. Gracie ran up and licked Nora, and laid with her, not wanting to leave her side.
Sadly, Nora passed away just three weeks after her stroke. Although her parents were devastated, they are forever thankful to the hospital for letting Gracie and Grumpy say goodbye to their sweet Nora.


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