A heartbreaking story, yet one that ends on a high note. We have a tiny spider monkey, only 8-months-old!
She was captured by poachers who illegally take the animals so they can try and sell them as pets to people. In Belize, poaching is illegal. And having a monkey as a pet is illegal. This little darling was actually clinging to her mom in a tree. They shot and killed the mom, then snatched the baby, threw her in a bag and kept her in there for days without food or water.
The Belize Forest Department was reported, and surprisingly, they were able to locate her. They quickly rushed her to The Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic. She was barely alive. “Izzie” became her name. They hugged Izzie and then began administering fluids. Izzie actually showed them her arm pain and they found it to be broken. Something else shocking was discovered. Izzie had 5 shotgun pellets lodged in her body. Shots that were from that which killed her mom.
A surgeon from the US was brought in to save Izzie as thankfully funds permitted such to happen. It would be 4 surgeries, but little Izzie’s life was saved!
Here we have a loving look at the care that Izzie was given. Her rehab eventually gave Izzie the use of her arm to swing and then later to actually climb! Finally she was able to go back in the trees where she can live naturally and free. Really amazing insight into everything that went into saving little Izzy and allowing her a to have a life.
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