Professional pranksters have what it takes to come up with a good video that can go viral within a short time. Roman Atwood is in the same bracket – I hope you remember the video we shared with you in which he had pranked his wife. Not long ago, he pulled a prank on Howie Mandel, who is his friend when he supplied some epic toilet paper to his California home. I’m pretty sure this is the first time you are coming across something like this.
Alex, Howie’s son was involved in this prank and never recognized the funny part of this prank. When Howie, who had visited New York City cane back home, he was not pleased with what he saw. The front area of his home was full of toilet paper.
He has to spend a few minutes figuring out what had brought all that mess to his house. Then, out of nowhere, Roman appeared and took responsibility for whatever had happened. You will surely be surprised by the way Howie reacted upon learning that. The kind of humor that is associated with all this will leave you smiling.  This is what you should expect from time to time when you have a prankster like Roman Atwood as a friend!
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