It’s always funny when one is caught doing something funny. Sometimes the act can be pleasing but in this case it’s totally opposite.
On 2014 September, a YouTube user called Joshua Coleman left the camera recording the moment he saw a lady parking in a spot meant for the disabled. This woman did not even have the suitable placard. The video shows what happened in Roseville Sargent elementary school. I am sure none would like it at all. By the look of things, it’sJoshua, who deserved the parking space since his son is handicapped and he is in a wheel chair.
About a million people have managed to come across this video and most of them were really annoyed to see how this lady behaved. This lady behaved rudely when she was confronted. I consider her inhuman; she seems to claim that she isn’t stupid for what she did. She even goes further to ask the man if she really knows who she is.
This is immoral and illegal. Joshua does not understand why this woman behaved in such a manner. What is your opinion concerning this clip?
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