This happened in Ukraine, at a circus in Lviv State Circus. A trainer had just been poking a lion when the lion decided it had had enough pokes. That is when all hell breaks loose. This serves as a lesson of how risky it is to cage lions or other wild animals for that matter in a humanenvironment.
As usual the show started with the performers welcoming the lion to stage, music playing and then the first actor did his act with the lion. They climbed on a swing platform and started swinging around, along with the lion. Like a pendulum. Then they next act was up, they lined the rest of the five lions on stage, each one being guided to its own platform.
That’s when trouble started, the lion that was the first on stage went after one of the actors. Throwing him to the ground as the rest of the lions watched. He was rescued by the support team of washed the lion with a jet of water. However, the lion wasn’t done with him, watch what happened next.
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