Sometimes it takes one really little idea to make something big happen. Sometimes that tiny idea starts with an old, used-up crayon. For dad Bryan Ware, the Aha! moment came when he saw a restaurant tossing out the old crayons they would give to children. He knew he could do something with them. Ware began collecting the old crayons, melting them down, then doing something remarkable with them.
“They said they had to throw them away after it’s been on the table,” Ware told NBC’s Gadi Schwartz. “So that to me was just kind of a spark; there’s got to be something we could do with them.”
He created The Crayon Initiative, a program that now has hundreds of volunteers collecting old crayons and sorting them out. After he melts them down, color by color, he creates new crayons and gives them to children in hospitals for free. Since starting the project, Ware now collects 500 pounds of used crayons each week from schools and restaurants. Everything else happens right in his kitchen. The kids at local hospitals can’t stop gushing about how they get to use their imagination and draw, even during really difficult times.
“It provides them the ability to be whatever they want to be,” Ware said. “Dream whatever they want to be. That right there is why we do this.”
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