Bruce Springsteen, along with The E Street Band, rocked Olympic Park in London, England on June 30, 2013. The video below starts when the boss starts to play his 1984 classic hit, “Dancing In The Dark,” a moment when Springsteen usually invites a member for the audience for a dance, which then becomes the epic moment of the show. However, this day, he had a very special idea in mind; he wanted to invite his mother, Adele on stage. She was aged 87 at the time.
While the rest of the band was playing on stage, Springsteen left to go and get Adele to join them on Stage. She was standing at the side of the stage, right behind the curtains, watching them. That was at 4.05 on the mark. Seconds later, the crowd filled the air with cheers of support as he led his mother by hand to the center stage. He then went ahead and danced alongside her. It’s so adorable watching him all goofy and playful with her. You can see as he whispers into her ear, probably encouraging her to boogie down. From the video you can see how proud she is of her super star son.
Even to the present day, Bruce’s mother does join him on stage for a dance. In the Springsteen family, it is clear they have a boss and it’s not Springsteen!
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