There are many miracles out there and most of the time we don’t pay attention to them or end up missing them since we never allow our perceptions to recognize them. If only we could keep our hearts, eyes and ears open, we will surely realize the how blessed we are to have some rich talent around us.
The performance in the video below was witnessed at Mexico’s Got Talent and it is one of those rare but uplifting moments to come across. In most competitions, we are used to seeing younger contestants, and that is why it was not business as usual when an older man was seen walking to the mic and rocking the house minutes later. He was singing “Old Time Rock And Roll,” a song from Bob Seger’s 1978 classic.
Pablo Lopez is the name of the man and even though he lives in a country where people are not native English speakers, you just can’t realize that when he starts doing his thing.
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