Cara Schneider never expected her daughter to bully another kid. She raised her to be kind, caring, and compassionate. But when she caught her daughter, Hailey, using her iPod to verbally abuse another child on social media, she had to think of a punishmentworthy of the crime. She decided that she would make Hailey sell her precious iPod and donate the money to an anti-bullying charity. But rather than just list the phone for sale online, she went with a slightly more direct method of proving her point.
Cara took the photo down after the iPod was sold, but it was posted on other sites by strangers and many internet users questioned her parenting style. But Cara didn't back down. "I'm not worried about the negative that has been said about her punishment," wrote Cara, on her Facebook page. Then she added, "I am her mother and I did what I thought was best given the circumstances. I've tried other punishments, and this fit the crime. I don't regret a thing."
It may seem drastic, but it's likely that Hailey will think twice next time she has something mean to say to another child online! Share if you agree!


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