There are many things we day-dream about doing under the premise: If I get rich or if I had money, I would…
For millionaire entrepreneur Damian Aspinall, that dream included wildlife conservation. The animal lover started the Aspinall Foundation that reintroduces captive gorillas back into the wild. When Damian met the gorilla Kwibi, he treated him as if he were his own son. It was heartbreaking to have to release him back into the wild, but necessary for the majestic creature’s well-being.
Five years after Damian and Kwibi parted ways, Damian was warned against trying to find Kwibi in the wild. People told him Kwibi had become hostile towards humans and had reverted back to his primal state. But Damian couldn’t go without seeing Kwibi at least one more time. Damian ventured into the jungle, searching for Kwibi. He and his team even devised a plan should Kwibi become aggressive. They would distract him with food to allow Damian to get away.
Then, it happened. Damian spotted Kwibi roaming through the trees. The man carefully got out of his small boat and slowly approached the gorilla. He didn’t know if Kwibi would remember him, if Kwibi would try to harm him, or if the gorilla would run away. He sat next to Kwibi and heard it — his love gurgle. The soft purring meant that Kwibi not only remembered Damian, but was happy to see him. He pulled his surrogate father close, the two laid in the grass together, and playfully fed each other leaves.
“It was lovely to see that our bond was so strong,” Damian said.
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