Mama!’ ‘Papa!’ are typically the first words most children would say when they’re beginning to talk. Imagine the frustration of parents having to wait for three years for their child to utter these syllables out. David Militello was born with spectral autism. He had slow vocal development rendering him unable to speak for the first three years of his life. Everything changed one day when the bus driver came up to his mom and told him that David had been singing the entire trip home. David’s mom was shocked and ecstatic with this news since she realized that he learned to sing songs first before even mentioning ‘mama’.
Since then, David has learned how to speak and improve his singing. Like most artists out there, David was born to sing. He was blessed to express himself in songs than words and this is what he did exactly in front of America’s Got Talent audition stage. This nine-year-old boy sang ‘Ben’ by Jacksons 5 making his mother tear in joy and the entire audience clap and cheer and finally gave him a standing ovation.
David Hasslehoff even granted him an ‘absolutely yes’ because he won America’s hearts with his singing. David Militello may not have the most stunning voice but he has the charisma to charm America to its feet.
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