Parrots are the most entertaining birds that you will ever listen to. They have the ability to listen to phrases and repeat them in the most entertaining manner. Whether they are able to understand what they are saying or not is a different matter. Einstein is one of those parrots that have managed to amaze and amuse those who have heard the opportunity to listen to him. No matter how jaded you are, you will definitely find yourself laughing when he decides to talk or mimic people’s voices.
Her handler is able to manage her and make her say stuff that makes you laugh. From what she says and the tactic she uses to make the parrot give a certain response, you can tell the two connect very well. You wonder what it would mean if the parrot truly meant what it says. She starts the show by asking the parrot to tell the audience her name. The parrot casually says, “Einstein…” The handler has to repeat it out for those may not have heard it. She then goes ahead and says, “Hello.” The handler then requests him to be polite. She responds by saying, “sweetheart…” It is so funny. You have to watch this yourself.
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