A dog owner that goes by the name of power-cube on Reddit, posted a photo of himself going for a swim with his elderly pup. The caption on his photo reads: "My old girl lives to swim but she just can't do it by herself anymore so now I'm her flotation device." The photo has reached thousands of people, who felt moved by his loving gesture.
In the comments, he expands his story a little more.
"Two years ago she was constantly swimming out across our lake to a little island in the middle to chase the canadian geese that like to roost there.
Last year she started to slow down a bit. After a long swim, her head would start hanging a bit lower in the water and she would have to shake water out of her ears.
Then one day last summer, my wife and I were out on floats in the lake while I fished and we saw her coming across the lake but seeming to struggle, so we paddled over to her and cradled her while we got her to shore.
This year, she has given up. She still likes to go with the other dogs on our nightly trip through the woods but now she gets to ride on the golf cart between us and just gets off at fun stopping points like the lake to play in the shallows a bit.
Sometimes she doesn't feel up to the trip (like the evening in this picture) so I treat her to a swim in the natural swim pond at the house."
What a lucky dog to be able to live out her days with such a compassionate and loving owner! 


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