A strange little creature was found near death on the streets of St. Petersburg, Florida. Jeff Longo took the little animal in, but was told the animal was beyond saving. That didn’t sit too well with Jeff. He thought with some love and dedicated attention, he could bring this animal around.
Jeff was right.
As it turned out, the mystery creature was a southern flying squirrel, which is a common breed of squirrel in the U.S.
Jeff shared the story of this animal from it’s rough beginning to it’s eventual recovery. Check this amazing story out:
Jeff figured that the animal must have been separated from it’s mom, and now was left to fend for itself, which certainly meant death.
Here’s what Jeff said: “I posted pictures on Reddit that day and had a bunch of know-it-alls tell me she would die, because I am not an animal rehabber.”
Thankfully Jeff took their “knowledge” with a grain of salt. Instead of letting it die, Jeff put a mix of puppy formula and heavy cream together, and then nursed the little guy back to health.
Jeff supervised the animal constantly, took it to work for the first few months and became Jeff’s partner, as they were always together.
Biscuits became her name and quickly became part of the family with even the dogs enjoying the new member.
Jeff will let Biscuits out of the cage, allowing her to explore the house, while covering furniture so the squirrel can grab on securely and climb around.
Adorable how she fits right into Jeff’s shirt pocket. Also we have video to enjoy of Biscuits wolfing down her favorite food, a pecan! The dog looks on curiously!
Check out the video and be sure to share this story with all of your animal loving friends and family!


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